Watercolors + pencil colors + pen + pigment liner.


(*´^`*)/ my babies.
Fact: Joy and Jason were couple but they broke up so… yeh.
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Sometimes I do XiuHan.
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[I promise I will answer as soon as I can.]

I finally did something productive and related with EXO…

Besides that art project with Xiumin for school, obviously.

Dumb doodles. #marzia #ownart #pewdiepie #pewdsart #cry

I liked how the guy came out ;; #ownart #Traditional

Watercolors, we are never ever ever ever getting back together. :^)

That sketch for my watercolor school proyect. I really liked it so I couldn’t wait to pass it to the watercolor paper, I just colored the sketch with pastel chalk.

Proyect for school, XIUMIN. Kind of.
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Hello hello! Uwaa first of all thank you all for following me! I’m so flattered and happy that you think I’m worth your time and I’m grateful for you all! ///  I’ve been wanting to do a giveaway for a while and welp I thought 1200+ followers was a good point to do so.

There will be FIVE winners on this giveaway. 

-FIRST PRIZE: Either a 2-3 pages comic on whatever you want, can be digital or traditional on demand (It can be nsfw or include ships or whatever you like as long as the theme you ask for doesn’t make me uncomfortable.) or a fully colored piece with up to 3 characters.

-SECOND PRIZE: Either a 1-2 pages comic on whatever you like (same rules as first price apply.) or a fully colored piece with up to 2 characters.

-THIRD PRIZE: A Fully colored piece with up to 2 characters

-FOURTH PRIZE: A piece with up to 2 characters, shaded and lined or sketchy on demand. 

-FIFTH PRIZE: A portrait of a character shaded and lined or sketchy on demand.


-Likes count as one entry
-Reblogs count as two
-Following me doubles the entries, so if you follow me and you like+reblog this post once, your URL will be on the price list 6 times.
-Must have your inbox open for price announcements
-Reblog as many times as you like as long as you don’t bother your followers
-No giveaway-only blogs 
-Giveaway ends on the 26th of June!

Winners will be announced on the 28th (on my birthday yaay)

Good luck!

(tagging it as the stuff I draw the most)